Zipporah Meaning and Origin

The name Zipporah is a girl’s name meaning “bird” and is of Hebrew origin. The name Zipporah is derived from the Hebrew word “tsippor,” which means “bird.” Zipporah is a feminine name and holds significance in various cultures, particularly in relation to biblical and historical references. In the Bible, Zipporah is mentioned as the wife of Moses, the renowned biblical figure who led the Israelites out of Egypt. According to the Book of Exodus, Zipporah was the daughter of Jethro, a Midianite priest. She played a significant role in the life of Moses, and they had two sons named Gershom and Eliezer. The name Zipporah has a symbolic meaning associated with birds and freedom. Birds are often seen as symbols of grace, transcendence, and soaring above worldly matters. Zipporah’s name reflects the connection between her name and her role as a supportive and courageous partner to Moses.

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