Tirzah Meaning and Origin

The name Tirzah is a girl’s name meaning “delight” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Tirzah was the name of a city located in the northern part of Canaan that was chosen by the Israelite King Jeroboam as the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel in the 10th century BCE. Tirzah is also a name that has been used as a given name for girls. It is not a very common name, but it has been used in various cultures around the world. Some people choose to use the name Tirzah because of its biblical origin, while others may simply find the sound or meaning of the name appealing. In addition to its use as a personal name, Tirzah has also been used in literature and music. For example, Tirzah is the title of a novel by Flora Nwapa, a Nigerian author, and is also the name of a British singer and songwriter.

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