Indra Meaning and Origin

The name Indra is a girl’s name meaning “possessing drops of rain” and is of Sanskrit origin. Indra is the name of the god of the sky and lord of the rain. The name “Indra” has ancient origins and is primarily associated with Hindu mythology. In Hinduism, Indra is a prominent deity, considered the king of the gods and the ruler of heaven. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Indra,” which means “possessing drops of rain” or “best among the best.” Indra is often depicted as a powerful and heroic figure, wielding a thunderbolt and riding a white elephant named Airavata. In Hindu-majority regions like India and Nepal, the name Indra holds cultural and religious significance. It’s more commonly found as a masculine given name in these areas. The name Indra carries an air of strength, power, and divinity. Famous People Named Indra: Indra Devi: Born Eugenie Peterson, Indra Devi was a pioneering figure in the world of yoga. Indra Bania: A prominent Assamese actor and singer, Indra Bania is known for his contributions to the Assamese film industry.

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