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Dev Meaning and Origin

Dev is a boy’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning: “God.” In Hinduism, “Dev” (also spelled as “Deva”) is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “deity” or “god.” Dev is often used as a prefix or suffix in Hindu names, indicating a connection to the divine. For example, “Devi” is a common name for girls, meaning “goddess.” In English, the name “Dev” is a shortened form of “Devon” or “Devin.” It is commonly used as a masculine given name. “Devon” is derived from the name of a county in England, which itself comes from the Celtic word “dumnonos,” meaning “deep valley” or “defender.” In some Slavic languages, such as Serbian, Croatian, and Slovene, “Dev” is a diminutive form of “Dejan,” a popular given name. “Dejan” has Slavic roots and means “to act” or “to do.” In Sikhism, “Dev” is a given name predominantly used by males. It is derived from the Punjabi word meaning “god-like” or “divine.” Sikh names often have spiritual or religious connotations.

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