20 Unique and Unexpected Names for Boys

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Choosing a name for your new baby is a fun process, but perhaps finding that perfect name for your baby boy is more challenging than you thought! To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of 20 unique and unexpected names for boys that are sure to give your little one a signature name that fits his personality perfectly.


1. Anson

Son of Ann (English) Boy
Surnames are definitely trending for baby names; we love Anson because it evokes strength and masculinity while being totally under the popularity radar.
You may also like: Ariston, Arlow, Aston


2. Brander

Sword of fire (Norse) Boy
Brander is a name that’s uncommon with a familiar ring. But don’t let its sound fool you; the name’s meaning is “sword of fire,” and if that’s not a powerful baby boy name, we’re not sure where the bar is to meet that standard.
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3. Carden

Thistle (Anglo-Norman French) Boy
Sharing its name with a garden herb, the name Carden could be a great fit for a little boho baby boy.
You may also like: Cloven, Conlan, Conroy


4. Dexten

Invented (Modern) Boy
This name comes with the cute nickname Dex. But its originality is what really gets us. Have you heard this name? Us either!
You may also like: Dixon, Doran, Drystan


5. Enoch

Dedicated (Hebrew) Boy
In a world of biblically inspired names like Abel, Elijah, and Noah, why not let Enoch have its day in the sun?
You may also like: Elam, Elton, Eben


6. Gaston

Guest, stranger (French) Boy
This name is a unique and elegant choice; it’s strong, tasteful, and relatively uncommon in the United States.
You may also like: Gatsby, Gareth, Gabrien


7. Hagan

Little fire (Irish) Boy
Hagan is a unique name perfect for a rough and tough young fiery gent.
You may also like: Hamish, Hennix, Holland


8. Jesper

Treasure (Danish via Persian) Boy
Just the perfect name meaning for your precious little treasure!
You may also like: Javan, Jasper, Jareth


9. Keenan

Ancient (Irish) Boy
Keenan is a rarely used Irish name with ancient roots and a mellifluous air.
You may also like: Keiron, Kenner, Keane


10. Leiv

Heir, descendant (Norwegian) Boy
Not to be confused with Levi, Leiv is a unique baby name that’s as strong and fearless as its Norse roots.
You may also like: Lowen, Ludis, Lyall


11. Merrick

Fame, power (Anglo-Welsh) Boy
A name for the future ruler, Merrick, is a unique choice with a stately feel. Sounds regal to us!
You may also like: Morrison, Montgomery, Morten


12. Nerio

War (Italian) Boy
A unique short and sweet title with Italian flair, this name certainly conjures an image of strength and power.
You may also like: Noam, Norris, Neo


13. Orson

Bear cub (French) Boy
This name hasn’t been on the popularity list for decades, so the odds are great that he’ll never have to share his name with anyone in his class!
You may also like: Osher, Otto, Olen


14. Prewitt

Small and brave (French) Boy
If you’re looking for a preppy name with a vintage twist, then perhaps Prewitt is a good choice.
You may also like: Prosper, Pryor, Pearson


15. Ravi

Sun (Sanskrit) Boy
Perfect for your little ray of sunshine.
You may also like: Rayner, Reid, Ronan


16. Shaw

Wood (Scottish) Boy
While this may not be a super apparent nature reference, it’s a sweet and unique name that should be considered.
You may also like: Slater, Saber, Seanan


17. Thane

Chief of a clan (Scottish) Boy
There’s something sweet and southern about Thane, a name that packs a punch with one syllable.
You may also like: Theron, Tiernan, Tobin


18. Vander

From the family of (Dutch) Boy
It’s a bold and wonderful name for a boy, and it is quite uncommon.
You may also like: Vaughan, Valentin, Valor


19. Warner

Guard army (English) Boy
Here’s another vintage choice from the last name as a first name category. Doesn’t Warner sound regal and elegant?
You may also like: Weston, Winston, Warwick


20. Zayd

Abundance (Arabic) Boy
Zayd is fast and cool and ready to break its way up the popularity list; while currently sits at #776, it’s been moving up, and we expect to continue.
You may also like: Zenon, Zenith, Zed



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