Cloven Meaning and Origin

Cloven is a boy’s name that comes from an English word, meaning: to cut into pieces. The name “Cloven” is derived from the Old English word “clofen,” which means “split” or “divided.” It is often associated with something that is split into two parts or has a division. The name Cloven has its roots in Old English, making it a traditional English name with a long history. The name Cloven is quite rare and not very popular. It is more likely to be found as a surname or used in literature rather than as a commonly chosen given name for babies. Cloven is a distinctive and intriguing name with a strong and rustic quality to it. Its Old English origins give it a sense of ancient heritage and conjure images of old woodlands, folklore, and natural landscapes. Despite its relative rarity, Cloven carries an air of mystery and allure that can make it a captivating choice for parents seeking a name with historical charm and a touch of enigmatic beauty.

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