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Vaughan Meaning and Origin

Vaughan is a boy’s name of Welsh origin, meaning: “small.” The name Vaughan originated in Wales and is derived from the Welsh surname “Fychan” or “Vaughan,” which means “small” or “little.” It is a patronymic surname, indicating a descent from someone named Fychan or Vaughan. As a surname, Vaughan has a rich history in Wales. It is often associated with noble families and has been borne by various notable individuals throughout history. The surname is still relatively common in Wales and among Welsh communities. In addition to being a surname, Vaughan is also used as a given name for boys. It gained popularity as a first name in the 19th century and has since been used by parents seeking a Welsh or Celtic name with a strong and traditional sound. ariations of the name Vaughan include Vaughn, Vaugan, and Vachan. This name is great as a sophisticated adult name choice and equally adorable for a little boy.

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