Lowen Meaning and Origin

Lowen is a boy’s name meaning “happy” and is of Cornish origin. As an English name, “Lowen” could be a variant of the name “Lorne,” which is derived from the Scottish place name Lorne, meaning “fox.” Alternatively, it could be a variant of “Lewin,” which is derived from the Old English name Leofwine, meaning “dear friend.” As a German name, “Lowen” or “Löwen” (with an umlaut over the “o”) means “lion” and is often used as a surname. It could be a topographical name for someone who lived in or near a place called “Löwen” or a nickname for someone who had a lion-like quality. In general, “Lowen” is a relatively uncommon name, but it could have different meanings and origins depending on the context and culture.

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