Carden Meaning and Origin

The name Carden is a boy’s name meaning “thistle” and is of Anglo-Norman French origin. The name Carden is derived from the Old French word “cardon,” which means “thistle.” The thistle is a spiky plant known for its resilience and ability to grow in challenging environments. As a name, Carden symbolizes strength, tenacity, and adaptability. The name Carden has its roots in medieval English and French, where it likely started as a surname before becoming a given name. Surnames were often derived from various occupations, personal characteristics, or even the natural world, like plants or animals. Over time, Carden evolved into a first name with a subtle, nature-inspired charm. Carden is not among the most popular baby names in the United States, it remaines relatively rare. Carden is a unique and captivating name that exudes a sense of natural strength and determination. Sharing its name with a garden herb, the name Carden could be a great fit for a little boho baby boy. 

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