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30 Cool Unusual Undiscovered Boy Names

No one wants a boring name. It’s always more exciting to come up with a unique baby boy name, one that personifies how special your son will be. If you’re looking for unheard of rarely used boy names — ones that will set your kid apart from the Liams/Noahs/Olivers in his class, we’ve got you covered. This list of 30 cool unusual, undiscovered baby boy names just might include the name you’ve been searching for.


1. Alaric

Ruler of all (German)
If you want a strong name for your little warrior, Alaric could be a perfect choice.
You may also like:
Abel, Adan, Arlo


2. Banning

Slayer warrior, little blond one (English, Gaelic)
Banning is a solid choice for parents wanting to raise a child with the heart of a warrior or a little blondie.
You may also like:
Braxton, Bastien, Bowery


3. Breccan

Freckled (Irish)
This name is perfect for parents of Irish descent wanting to pass on a family heritage to their brand new baby boy.
You may also like:
Bradan, Brecken, Broder


4. Carden

Thistle (Anglo-Norman French)
If you’re looking for a name with links to nature, Carden could be an excellent option for your son.
You may also like:
Carwyn, Caledon, Cillian


5. Claver

Locksmith (English)
Claver is an attractive choice with a ton of power.
You may also like: Callen, Cohen, Cortez


6. Devlin

Descendant of the unlucky one (Irish)
Moms who choose this name can call their little guy Dev or Devi for short.
You may also like:
Draco, Dario, Danil


7. Doran

Stranger (Irish)
There’s something special about the name Doran. It’s not common but somehow sounds familiar and not entirely out there. He won’t have to worry about competing with other kids in the class when his name is called.
You may also like: Domino, Draven, Donal


8. Eames

Prosperous protector (Irish)
Eames is a boy’s name that carries with it class, distinction, and a hint of sweetness.
You may also like: Emilio, Elkan, Ellair


9. Eldon

Ella hill (English)
For something original, why not revive old names? Eldon is originally a surname from Old English male given name Ella and dūn ‘hill’.
You may also like: Einar, Eloy, Elige


10. Foster

Forester (English) #965
It’s genuinely a cool baby boy name that deserves a big come-back!
You may also like: Franco, Frost, Flanagan


11. Garrick

Spear (English)
Garrick is a solid choice for a mom wanting to give her little boy an unusual boy name with masculine appeal.
You may also like:
Galen, Giacomo, Grafton


12. Gustav

Goth staff (Scandinavian)
Gustav is a robust and dignified Old world option that is overdue for a revival! It even has the cute nickname of Gus.
You may also like: Gerlach, Gavin, Gallieno


13. Hartwin

Strong friend (German)
Strength and friendship, what’s more, to love?
You may also like: Hemming, Haywood, Hallow


14. Jabari

Brave one (African) #952
A unique choice for parents wanting to raise a little boy with both determination and strength.
You may also like:
Jaden, Jamison, Jair


15. Kellen

Son of Alan (Scottish) #792
This name is as cute as can be, but it’s also strong and dignified at the same time.
You may also like: Keane, Kohen, Kendrew


16. Lonan

Blackbird (Irish)
This unused gem makes a wonderful alternative to Lennons, Ronans, and Logans of the world.
You may also like: Loman, Linton, Lekan


17. Lordan

Descendant of Lórdán (Irish)
While it was originally a last name, Lordan is also an excellent choice for a first name for your little Lord.
You may also like: Lathan, Lucio, Ludovic


18. Madoc

Fortunate (Welsh)
Madoc is an interesting choice as it sounds modern, but actually has Old Welsh roots.
You may also like:
Mateo, Marlowe, Marcos


19. Mani

Jewel (Sanskrit)
Mani is usually a short form of the name Emmanuel. Shortening old names in this way gives them a modern twist.
You may also like:
Mastin, Marino, Mateo


20. Manning

Brave (Norse)
What a cool choice for parents looking to convey courage and heart when naming their little guy!
You may also like:
Maksim, Mahlon, Marius


21. Mayer

Mayor (Hebrew)
Mayer name is befitting of any future leader, as it means “mayor” in Hebrew.
You may also like: Miller, Milos, Maxime


22. Nicolo

Victory of the people (Italian)
It’s an excellent choice for parents wanting to honor a family member with the name Nick or Nicholas but looking to make it their own.
You may also like:
Nighean, Neilan, Nolan


23. Ortiz

Son of Orti (Spanish)
Ortiz can be used as a cool, modern alternative to names such as Oscar, Oliver, and Oswald.
You may also like:
Okello, Otmar, Oded


24. Perez

To blossom (Spanish)
Perez is a short and spunky name that gives us a feeling of spontaneity.
You may also like:
Paxton, Paolo, Porter


25. Reiner

Advice army (German)
This is a strong choice for moms who want to give their son a name with determination and grit.
You may also like:
Reinmar, Rhett, Ransley


26. Reverdy

Spring (French)
One thing is for sure: it’s a unique baby boys’ name that no one else will have on the playground. It means spring, which makes it sound very lively and fresh.
You may also like: Rudo, Rosston, Rocco


27. Rumor

Word name (English)
A word name that’s way under the radar so chances of another boy sharing your son’s name are still slim!
You may also like: Rafael, Romane, Romney


28. Sheadon

Invented name (Modern)
A unique invented name that sounds real, and the nicknames Shea and Adon are super cute.
You may also like: Sully, Seanan, Salim


29. Torrin

Little hills (Irish)
A unique-sounding name, with a nod to Irish heritage, that hardly any parents are choosing.
You may also like:
Torsten, Tavin, Tristan


30. Triton

Son of Poseidon (Greek)
It’s a name full of mythological history, so Triton may be the name for you if you love Greek mythology.
You may also like:
Tucker, Tullio, Tybalt



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