Kendrew Meaning and Origin

The name Kendrew is a boy’s name meaning “man, warrior, brave, beloved” and is of Scottish and Old English origin. The name “Kendrew” is primarily a surname. It is derived from the Old English words “cēne” (meaning “bold” or “brave”) and “dūr” (meaning “dear” or “beloved”). As a result, “Kendrew” can be interpreted to mean “brave and beloved” or “boldly dear.” The name Kendrew carries an air of strength and affection. It blends the qualities of courage and endearment, suggesting a person who is both brave and cherished. The name exudes a sense of warmth and determination, making it suitable for individuals who embody these traits. Kendrew is more commonly recognized as a surname rather than a given name. It’s not among the most common first names and may not be frequently used as such. Famous People Named Kendrew: The name Kendrew is perhaps most famously associated with Sir John Kendrew (1917–1997), a British biochemist and Nobel laureate. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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