Albin Meaning and Origin

The name Albin is a boy’s name meaning “white” and is of Scandinavian, Latin origin. It is derived from the name “Albinus,” which means “white” or “fair.” The Latin word “albus” translates to “white,” and this characteristic likely influenced the name’s meaning. The name Albin has a long history dating back to ancient times. It was used as a given name among early Christians, and several saints and religious figures have borne the name Albinus or its variants. One of the notable saints with this name is Saint Albinus of Angers, a 6th-century bishop who played a significant role in the Christian church. The name Albin carries a rich historical legacy, and its usage continues to endure in modern times. With its positive connotations and international appeal, Albin remains a timeless and endearing name choice for parents worldwide.

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