Tucker Meaning and Origin

The name Tucker is a boy’s name meaning “all heart, occupational name” and is of English origin. Tucker is a fairly common English surname that originated from the occupational name for a person who softened and thickened cloth by pounding it. The term “tucker” comes from the Middle English word “tukken” or “tucken,” which means “to tuck” or “to fold.” The surname was often associated with people involved in the textile industry. Tucker is also used as a given name, primarily in English-speaking countries. It has gained popularity as a first name in recent years. The name is often associated with qualities such as strength, resilience, and a hardworking nature.

Names similar to Tucker:

  • Hunter
  • Cooper
  • Parker
  • Fletcher
  • Sawyer
  • Tanner
  • Carter
  • Walker
  • Mason
  • Porter


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