50 Southern Baby Names for Boys You’re Guaranteed to Fall for

You don’t have to live in the South to love these southern baby names for boys inspired by the charming spirit of the Dixie land. Some baby names have trended for years, and others have lost their tinkle, but these Southern baby names will never go out of style. If you’re looking to honor your Southern roots or want your child to embody them, then you’re going to want to read this list of timeless, Southern boy names for inspiration. You may also enjoy: 50 Southern Baby Names That Are Charming and Timeless


1. Ashton

Just about the most elegant and classy southern boys’ name ever, Ashton is an English name meaning “ash tree town.”


2. Beau

Beau is one of those Southern names that has swagger. Beau is a French name meaning “beautiful.” Beau can be a shortened version of the more formal Beauregard.


3. Braxton

Braxton as a boy’s name is of Old English origin, meaning “Brock’s town.”


4. Bridger

Bridger is a name of English origin, meaning “lives near the bridge.”


5. Brooks

Like many southern things, this name is a total classic. Brooks is an English name meaning “of the brook.”


6. Bryson

Bryson as a boy’s name is of Welsh origin, meaning “descendant of Brice.”


7. Cashton

A cool name with a traditional bent that calls to mind country singer Johnny Cash. Cashton is a modern invented name with no known meaning.


8. Colson

Colson is an excellent name with Southern flair. This English boy’s name means “swarthy,”coal-black.”


9. Colton

This boy’s name is quintessentially southern. Colton is an English name meaning “from the coal or dark town.”


10. Crosby

Crosby, as a boy’s name, is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “at the cross.”


11. Cyrus

This southern boy’s name has Persian roots but has evolved into a cowboy-ish pick for southern baby boys. Cyrus is a name of Persian origin, meaning “sun.”


12. Dane

Distinguished and solid, a one-syllable name for a boy that instantly evokes southern charm. Dane is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning “from Denmark.”


13. Dawson

Dawson is a name of Welsh origin meaning “son of David.”


14. Dayton

Dayton as a boy’s name is of Old English origin meaning “Day’s settlement” or “David’s settlement.


15. Dustin

Dustin is a name of Norse origin, meaning “brave warrior, or Thor’s stone.”


16. Eli

Super southern to boot, Eli is a Hebrew name meaning “my God,” “high,” or “elevated.”


17. Gable

Now, this is a name that rolls off the tongue effortlessly with a bit of a Southern drawl. Gable is a boy’s name of French origin, meaning “triangular.”


18. Gunner

Gunner is a Scandinavian name meaning “warrior.”


19. Hawthorne

Sweet, sassy, and oh-so-southern. Hawthorne is a name of English origin, meaning “lives where hawthorn hedges grow.”


20. Hayes

Hayes is a name of English origin meaning “hedged area.” Hayes is short and sweet and to the point but still takes on the essence of southern hospitality.


21. Hucksley

Parents who are looking for a name that has Southern roots but some hipster street cred might want to consider Hucksley. Hucksley is a name of English origin meaning “inhospitable place.”


22. Hutch

Hutch is from an Anglo-Scottish surname meaning “mind, bright in mind and spirit, heart, understanding.”


23. Jameson

Jameson is a name of English origin, meaning “son of James.” This one is a common and strong choice for southern boys.


24. Jensen

Jensen is a name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “son of Jens.” This one feels unique, so your son would be one of a kind.


25. Jesse

Jesse is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “gift.”


26. Judson

Judson is a name of English origin meaning “son of Jordan.” Let us know if we’re wrong, but just hearing the name Judson immediately makes us think of a Southern lifestyle.


27. Kelton

It’s tough yet handsome, an unexpected choice for a bold baby boy. Kelton is a name of English origin, meaning “town of the keels.”


28. Kenner

Kenner is a Gaelic name meaning “brave chieftain.” It’s a well-earned rarity of a moniker that deserves to be appreciated in all of its Southern glory.


29. Knox

Whether you’re from Knoxville or not, this boy’s name has a certain cool edge about it. Knox is a name of Scottish origin, meaning “round hill.”


30. Leland

Leland is a name of English origin, meaning “one who lives by unseeded land.”


31. Levi

Levi is a Hebrew name meaning “joined.”


32. Maverick

Want your boy to grow up to be a modern cowboy? Name ’em Maverick. Maverick is a name of American origin meaning “independent.”


33. Nash

Nash is an English name meaning “dweller by the ash tree.”


34. Nolan

Nolan is one of the names that feels gentle and sweet. Nolan is a Gaelic name meaning “descendant of a chariot fighter or champion.”


35. Patton

Patton is a name of English origin, meaning “fighter’s town.”


36. Quentin

Quentin is a Latin name meaning “the fifth.” This name has Latin roots but a distinctly Southern vibe.


37. Randall

Randall is one of those distinctive names that would be an excellent option for parents wanting to give their son a Southern moniker. Randall is an English name meaning “shield wolf.”


38. Rhett

Rhett is an English and Dutch name meaning “advice.” Country music fans will appreciate the connection to singer Thomas Rhett.


39. Sawyer

Sawyer is a unisex name that has southern undertones. Sawyer is a name of English origin, meaning “woodcutter.”


40. Sterling

Sterling is a name of English origin meaning “genuine, of high quality.”


41. Stetson

A sturdy first name for southern baby boys. Stetson is a boy’s name of American origin with no known meaning.


42. Travis

Travis is an English name the meaning “crossing; crossroads.”


43. Trenton

Trenton is a name that is every bit southern. Trenton is a name of English origin meaning “Trent’s town.”


44. Truett

Truett differs from the rest of the traditional titles and finds its uniqueness all on its own. Truett is an English surname, from the village of Trewhitt in Northumberland, England.


45. Tucker

Tucker is an English surname meaning “all heart.”


46. Walker

This boys’ name has an irresistible cowboy-like feel. Walker means “fuller of cloth” and is of English origin.


47. Wells

Wells is an English name meaning “from the well.”


48. Weston

Weston feels relaxed and timeless, the type of name that will age well with a little one. Weston is a name of English origin, “western town.”


49. Wiley

Wiley is a name of English origin, meaning “crafty.”


50. Wyatt

Wyatt is a name of English origin, meaning “brave in war.”

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