Sully Meaning and Origin

Sully is a boy’s name meaning “south meadow, bright-eyed” and is of English origin. The name “Sully” is often used as a diminutive or nickname for the name “Sullivan,” which originates from Ireland. “Sullivan” is an anglicized form of the Irish surname “Ó Súilleabháin,” meaning “descendant of Súilleabhán.” The name “Súilleabhán” itself is composed of two elements: “súil,” meaning “eye,” and “léim,” meaning “sparkle” or “brightness.” The combined meaning of the name can be interpreted as “bright-eyed” or “one who has a sparkling gaze.” The name “Sully” exudes a sense of charm and uniqueness. It’s a name that carries a certain understated strength, capturing attention with its simplicity and distinct sound. “Sully” is not as common as some other names, which lends it an air of individuality. Famous People: Sully Erna: A well-known musician, Sully Erna is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Godsmack. Sully Diaz: A Puerto Rican actress known for her roles in telenovelas and television shows. 

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