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25 Short Boy Names to Add to Your List

Deciding on a baby’s moniker is just one of the first of many major decisions that all parents will have to make, and there is no shortage of trends out there when it comes to baby names. Some parents may choose a short and sweet first name, while others want a longer title with nickname options. Although there is something to be said for longer names, short boy names have such a cool confidence about them, making them very “in” right now and a wonderful option for parents looking for something simple yet modern or classic. There are many benefits to having a shorter first name. Some of these include easy spelling and pronunciation and more flexibility with longer or more complex middle names. Perhaps you just want a short name for no other reason than loving the way it sounds? Whatever the reason, this list of cool short boy names is sure to inspire you. Without further ado, here are 25 short baby boy names sure to make it onto your shortlist.

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1. Axel

Father of peace (German and Scandinavian) 
If you don’t mind a name that is growing in popularity, Axel is an adorable short boy’s name with a bit of an edgy vibe. The name Axel is a cognate of the biblical name Absalom, derived from the Hebrew abshālōm. Alternatively, Axel or Aksel may be a medieval form of the Old Norse name Ásketill, from the elements ans “god” and ketill “cauldron.”
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2. Bran

 Raven or crow (Celtic)
Bran is a familiar-sounding name that’s not commonly used. The name was popular in Ireland and Wales during the Middle Ages. In Welsh and Irish mythology, Bran is a mythological character described as a giant-sized god. We love how the name Bran reminds us of mythology and Game of Thrones.
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3. Croy

Gray (Gaelic)
It’s still relatively underused, but Croy’s attractive and accessible sound makes it a fantastic choice for those who want something familiar and trendy.
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4. Dean

Church official (English) 
Dean falls right in the sweet spot between sounding old-fashioned and super hipster. 

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5. Elam

Forever, eternal, or tree (Hebrew)
Elam is undoubtedly great for all those old souls out there.
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6. Eli

Ascended (Hebrew) 
The name Eli was popular among Puritans in the 17th century. As a Jewish name, it is short for several names with el ‘god.’ We can see Eli being a sweet and Southern-sounding name that is sure to woo some admirers.
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7. Enzo

Ruler the home (Italian) 
Not only does the name have a great meaning, but it also has a ring of power to it.
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8. Fox

Animal name (English) 
This short and sweet animal name works beautifully for boys, and although this might seem like an unlikely baby name, more parents are turning to it for its earthy and hip vibe.

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9. Hugo

Bright in mind (German) 
It’s fearsome and powerful and is a tenacious pick for all kinds of personality types, from the mild to the strong-willed.
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10. Ivan

God is gracious (Russian) 
This timeless vintage classic is not going out of style anytime soon! Naming any little boy, Ivan is undoubtedly a decision you will not regret.
You may also like: Evan, Ivo, Chad


11. Jace

Invented name (Modern) 
If you’re looking to switch things up a little bit, Jace could be a wonderful alternative to Jack.

You may also like: Ian, Jake, Joab


12. Kent

Border (English)
Although the meaning isn’t that appealing, the name actually sounds rather edgy.

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13. Lane

Small path (English)
The name Lane is originally from a surname denoting someone who lived by a lane. A great choice for parents looking for a strong, one-syllable option that is easy to spell and pronounce.
You may also like: Brook, Lark, Lyall


14. Leon

Lion (Greek)
Definitely a fierce name for a boy with a strong character, Leon is a quirky alternative to the much more common Leo or Liam.
You may also like: Leiv, Liam, Asher


15. Levi

Joined (Hebrew)
This boy’s name of Hebrew origin is also a great choice for people who like Liam but want a little more flair.
You may also like: Lee, Penn, Luke


16. Milo

Gracious or yew (German, Slavic, and Latin)
The name has stood the test of time — the name dates back to the 11th century. It is believed by some sources that Milo is an Old Germanic name, brought to Britain by the Normans originally as the name Miles. It wasn’t, however, until the 18th century that Milo came into use. Alternatively, Milo may be from the Slavic element mil “gracious, beloved.” Milo was also used as the Latin form of the Ancient Greek name Milon, derived from Greek word milos “yew.”
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17. Noel

Christmas (French)
A perfect name for a baby born around Christmas that is neat and singular and also makes for a great middle name.
You may also like: Nico, Noah, Nash


18. Omri

Sheaf of grain (Hebrew)
There are four men named after this Hebrew name in the Bible; the best known is king Omri of Israel, father of Ahab, builder of the city of Samaria, and founder of a dynasty that remained in power for 50 years. Omri may also mean “life” or “servant” in Hebrew. Omri is a somewhat obscure biblical name that is an awesome baby name option for boys.
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19. Owen

Young warrior (Welsh)
This gender-neutral name is a solid baby name that has the potential to become a heroic hit among parents as moms and dads are starting to bestow Owen on their little ones.
You may also like: Odis, Otto, Oren


20. Rhys

Ardent, fiery (Welsh)
A good choice for either boys or girls, Rhys is sure to be popular for years to come. Rhys, Reece, and Reese are all great choices, but the traditional Welsh spelling is especially unique.
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21. Sage

Wise (Latin)
Sage is a name that works for boys and girls. Derived from the Latin word salvIus. Noted as a baby name on the rise, Sage is finally making waves as a wonderful option for boho and nature-loving parents. Taken from the plant of the same name, Sage is associated with healing and cleansing.
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22. Tate

Cheerful (English and Norse)
This gender-neutral title that’s too cute for words; it’s no wonder moms and dads are now flocking to this adorably charming baby name that comes from the Old Norse word “teitr,” meaning glad or cheerful. Tate is also a surname from the Old English name Tata in England, possibly a short form of names with the first element tat. Famously, the name Tate is the name of the British modern art gallery, the Tate Modern.
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23. Wells

From the well (English)
This name holds a certain vintage charm that’s hard to find nowadays.

You may also like: Wynn, Wade, West


24. Yael

Wild goat (Hebrew)
Yael or Jael is a name borne in the Bible by a woman who killed Sisera, a general leading his troops against Israel. (Judge 4:17-22). Yael comes from a Hebrew word denoting a female goat. This name has not been popular in recent years and could be a good choice if you want an unusual name.
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25. Zeev

Wolf (Hebrew)
A Biblical name associated with the tribe of Binyamin or Benjamin that is fitting for parents who want a biblical baby boy name that sounds fresh and modern.
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