Abel Meaning and Origin

The name Abel is a boy’s name meaning “breath” and is of Hebrew origin. The name Abel is derived from the Hebrew name Hevel, meaning “breath” or “vapor.” In the Bible, Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve, and his story is recounted in the Book of Genesis. Abel is best known for being a faithful and righteous person who offered a pleasing sacrifice to God. In contrast, his brother Cain became jealous and murdered him out of envy. Abel’s story highlights the struggle between good and evil and serves as a cautionary tale. The name Abel has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in English-speaking countries. It has a timeless and classic feel, which contributes to its appeal. The name Abel is relatively consistent across different languages and cultures. However, there are slight variations in pronunciation and spelling, such as Habel in German and Abél in French.

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