Attwell Meaning and Origin

Attwell is a boy’s name meaning “dweller at the well” and is of English origin. The name Attwell is a combination of two Old English elements – “att,” meaning “at,” and “well,” which originally referred to a spring or stream of water. Therefore, Attwell can be interpreted to mean “at the well” or “near the spring.” The name Attwell has its roots in Old English, which was spoken in parts of what is now England and southern Scotland during the early medieval period. It likely emerged as a locational or topographical surname, denoting a person who lived by a well or spring, or in a place with a name incorporating “att” and “well.” The popularity of the name Attwell has been relatively low. It is worth noting that surnames used as first names have gained some popularity in recent years, but Attwell remains relatively uncommon. The name carries a touch of antiquity, evoking a sense of history and heritage.

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