Calix Meaning and Origin

The name Calix is a boy’s name meaning “handsome” and is of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, there is a character named Calix, who was a son of Aegyptus, the mythical king of Egypt. Calix was one of the 50 sons of Aegyptus who were all ordered to marry the 50 daughters of Aegyptus’ brother, Danaus. This story is part of a larger mythological cycle known as the Danaides. In Greek, the equivalent of the name Calix is Kalixtos (Καλύκτος), which is derived from the Greek word “kalux” (κάλυξ) meaning “bud” or “cup-like flower”. This is similar to the Latin meaning of the name, which refers to a chalice or cup. In Latin, the word “calix” was used to refer to the cup used in religious ceremonies, particularly in Christian contexts, where it referred to the cup used in the Eucharist. The name Calix has been used as a given name for boys since the late 19th century. It is a relatively rare name, but it has been used consistently over the years. The name Calix has also been used as a surname, although less commonly. In terms of popularity, the name Calix is not very common. Despite its rarity, the name Calix has a certain appeal due to its association with religious symbolism and the idea of a cup or chalice representing abundance, communion, and spiritual nourishment. Additionally, some parents may be drawn to the name Calix for its uniqueness and distinctiveness. In terms of famous people with the name Calix, there are not many notable individuals, but one of note is Calixto Bieito, a Spanish opera and theater director known for his innovative and provocative productions.

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