Taya Meaning and Origin

Although we aren’t exactly sure of its origins, Taya is a sweet girly name that’s not overused, plus it’s cute but simple at the same time. The name Taya is a girl’s name meaning “young, jaw” and is of Japanese, Swahili origin. According to some sources, the name could be of Japanese origin, meaning “young or valley field.” Taya in Swahili is a word meaning jaw. Alternatively, it could be a diminutive of the Russian name Taisiya meaning “Egyptian goddess.” Additionally, in Slavic languages, Taya is a variant of the name Taia or Taiga. It is derived from the word “taiga,” which refers to a boreal forest region in Russia and other parts of Eurasia. Taya is also found as a name among Native American tribes, such as the Sioux. In this context, the name Taya may mean “deer” or “antelope,” representing grace, agility, and a connection to the animal kingdom.

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