30 Non-Traditional Christmas Baby Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy

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Choosing a baby name can be overwhelming. You can also take inspiration from so many places, so why not the time of year your little one is born? Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, and it becomes even more special when you have a baby on the way, so why not pick a name that captures the spirit of the season. Since there are already tons of Christmas baby name lists out there with the obvious seasonal names like Holly, Nicholas, and Noelle, we thought we would provide you a list of the 30 less traditional names for a unique Holiday baby. Scroll through to see if any of these less popular choices are a fit for your bundle of joy. Whether or not you have your baby this Christmas, these festive names are still worth considering.

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1. Aspen

For a girl or boy. Aspen is a tree name of English origin. This name will give any winter baby an extra cozy feeling.


2. Aster

For a girl or boy. The name Aster means “star” and is of Greek origin. This unique winter baby name stands out while still being easy to spell and pronounce.


3. Blitzen

For a boy. This one isn’t very common, but if you give birth to a Christmas baby, it could be the perfect way to mark the special day! Blitzen is one of Santa Claus’ reindeer.


4. Clove

For a boy or girl. Clove is a spice name of English origin. Straight up and super sweet, it’s the quintessential winter spice, and we just love it.


5. Colden

For a boy. The name Colden means “dark valley” and is of English origin. A name associated with cooler temps, this cute moniker is a fun one to consider for a winter baby.


6. Crimson

For a girl. Crimson is a color name of English origin. A festive winter red color, it’s perfect for a baby born around the holiday.


7. Cypress

For a boy or girl. The name Cypress is a tree name of Greek origin. This beautiful botanical name is perfect for December babies.


8. Dasher

For a boy. The name Dasher means “purse maker” and is of Scottish from German origin. This reindeer name is such a cool winter baby name for a boy.


9. Dove

For a girl. The name Dove means “bird of peace” and is of English origin. A short but sweet name that makes a lovely choice for a Christmas bundle of joy. 


10. Eira

For a girl. The name Eira means “snow” and is of Welsh origin. The snow reference is giving us winter vibes for this unique winter baby name!


11. Ember

For a girl or boy. The name Ember means “spark, burning low” and is of English origin. A cute name with richness and depth that is strongly evocative of stockings and cozy fireplaces.


12. Evergreen

For a girl or boy. The name Evergreen is a tree name of English origin. A beautifully subtle nod to the holiday season.


13. Feliz

For a girl or boy. The name Feliz means “lucky” and is of Latin origin. It’s a word used in a popular Christmas song and a gorgeous moniker to symbolize a joyful time of year.


14. Garland

For a boy. The name Garland means “land of the spear, wreath” and is of English and French origin. The name of the popular Christmas decoration is a cute choice for your winter-born baby.


15. Garnet

For a girl or boy. The name Garnet means “pomegranate” and is of French origin. The name is taken from a gorgeous deep red, warm winter gemstone.


16. Halo

For a girl. The name Halo means “divine aura” and is of Greek origin. A name that conjures up heavenly angels just like your little girl will be.


17. Icelyn

For a girl. Icelyn is a name combination name from ice and Lynn. It brings to mind icicles and snowflakes.


18. Jovie

For a girl or boy. A modern American name is a variant of the word “jovial,” which means “happy.” A sweetly cheerful name with a holiday ring that feels a little jolly this time of year.


19. Juniper

For a boy or girl. The name Juniper means “tree name” and is of Latin origin. An adorable, festive choice for a baby born during the Christmas season.


20. Luminaria

For a girl. The name Luminaria means “festival light” and is of Spanish origin. A name that has a lovely connection to Christmas.


21. Nazareth

For a boy. The name Nazareth means “separated, crowned, sanctified” and is of Hebrew origin. An excellent strong title with a regal ring to it.


22. North

For a boy or girl. The name North is an English topographical name. Associated with the North Pole, this is a very appropriate name for the Christmas season. 


23. Poinsettia

For a girl. The name Poinsettia means “flower of Christmas” and is of Spanish Mexican Aztec origin. A beautiful Christmas flower, Poinsettia is unexpected, yet a delightfully refreshing name for a little girl that represents Christmas.


24. Rudolph

For a boy. The name Rudolph means “fame wolf” and is of German origin. Inspired by the famous reindeer, attached with the adorable nickname Rudy.


25. Sleigh

For a boy or girl. The name Sleigh means “crafty” and is of English origin. A baby boy born around Christmas will always have a seasonal association with this winter baby name. 


26. Snowden

For a boy. The name Snowden means “snow hill” and is of English origin. A title that conjures up images of beautiful snowy hills and mountains. 


27. Tinsel

For a girl. The name Tinsel is an English word name. This pretty, twinkling name is charming and upbeat. 


28. Vale

For a boy or girl. The name Vale means “lives in the valley” and is of English origin. This name has a lovely, wintry feel and reminds us of skiing down snowy slopes. 


29. Vixen

For a girl. The name Vixen is an English word name. This reindeer name is perfect for a sassy Christmas baby girl. 


30. Wreath

For a boy. Wreath is an English word name. Many will recognize it as a decorative green garland used during the Christmas season.

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