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15 Unique Autumn Names for Girls to Fall for

The exhilarating and magical autumn season is finally here with crisp nights, swirling leaves, cozy sweaters, bonfires, and spooky celebrations. A baby couldn’t pick a better time to enter the world than the season of harvest. If you are about to welcome an autumn baby, or autumn is simply your favorite season, why not give your baby a name that conjures up the vibe of the season? These names are inspired by the beauty of nature and the vibrant hues of changing leaves. It’s nearly impossible not to fall for these charming unique autumn names for girls.

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1. Ambria

Amber gem, golden color (English)
Amber is the gorgeous orangey-yellow gemstone that perfectly describes the beautiful autumnal leaves falling from the trees.

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2. Arista

Harvest (Greek)
Arista is an elegant Greek name, meaning ‘harvest. This name would be the perfect choice for a baby girl arriving along with the gathering of a bounteous harvest.

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3. Aurelia 

Golden (Latin)
Aurelia makes us think of crisp autumn days; this name signifies the golden yellow leaves of the autumn season.

You may also like: Aurele, AnonaAutumn


4. Briar

Thorn (English)
Briar is a refreshing name inspired by nature. It’s the perfect choice for a little girl born when the wheat is amber and the sun shines on the golden-colored leaves.

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5. Bruna

Brown (Italian)
This rustic name is perfect for a baby girl with brunette hair or a little one born in the season of bronzed foliage.

You may also like: Bronwyn, Berwyn, Branna


6. Cedar

Tree (English)
When searching for a name inspired by fall, one might want to look no further than the lovely names assigned to the trees of this enchanting season.

You may also like: Circe, Cassia, Ceridwen


7. Hazel

Hazelnut tree (English)
This timeless, stunning name from the hazel tree or the color is very much associated with autumn and is a great way to honor the season.

You may also like: Hunter, Haven, Haisley


8. Jorah

Early rain (Hebrew)
This lovely unisex moniker, meaning ‘autumn rain,’ would make a perfect name for a fall baby.

You may also like: Juniper, Jade, Jagger


9. Keziah

Cassia tree (Hebrew)
This beautiful spring and fall flowering tree hits the mark as a unique yet utterly stylish fall name for a little girl.

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10. Laurel

Bay or laurel plant (Latin)
Laurel is a superb choice for a little girl born in the fall. It’s ethereal, lovely, and dreamy to the max. It would make a fresh alternative to Laura too!

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11. Maple

Tree (English)
A colorful leaf-inspired moniker, this name is perfect to describe the colors found in the fall.

You may also like: Marigold, Mazie, Marigold


12. Oria

Golden (Italian)
It’s a sweet and stunning choice for a baby girl born when the world is all aglow in a shade of golden wonder.

You may also like: OrianaOctavia, Orla


13. Rowan

Red-haired (Irish)
Rowan is the name of the flowering tree with tiny red berries, which is a fitting name that encapsulates the vibrant reds and rich crimsons nature puts on display during the autumn months.

You may also like: Rory, Raven, Rose


14. Sylvie

The spirit of the wood (French)
The woods are a breathtaking sight to behold in autumn when the leaves turn orange, red, and yellow. Hence it is a beautiful name for an autumn baby.

You may also like: Scarlett, Sienna, Sorrel


15. Tresa 

Harvest (Spanish)
This classy and soft name and would definitely make a wonderful name for the season of harvest.

You may also like: Topaz, Tavia, Tessa


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