24 Fairytale Inspired Girl Names Fit for a Princess

Do you have a little girl joining your family soon? Then why not give your daughter a name fit for a princess? Girl names inspired by fairy tales are just so enchanting. These names will inspire adventure in far off lands, a little fairy dust, and magic. Here are 24 baby girl names that are nothing short of magical, whimsical, enchanting, and fairy princess-like. We hope these names inspired by real-life princesses and fairytales will give you all the inspiration you need.


Anaerys, pronounced Auh-nair-iss, is an invented girl’s name without any known meaning. We like to think of this genuinely unique name as the perfect alternative for the popular Game of Thrones name Daenerys. The future mother of Dragons, anyone?
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Arista is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning: “harvest.” This rarely used name carries with it an air of aristocracy while sounding mysterious and fresh.
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Aurelia is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning: “golden.” Like the name Aurora but a bit more exotic, we love the whimsical melodic airy feel of Aurelia. And with such a glistening meaning, she’s sure to be a little ray of sunshine.
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Beatessa is an invented girl’s name that is a combination of the names Beatrice and Tessa. This beautiful modern title gives off a bit of vintage charm with a princess vibe. And Bea and Tessa make adorable nicknames.
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Calista is a girl’s name of Greek and Latin origin, meaning: “fairest, most beautiful, chalice.” It may sound sleek and delicate, but this name’s got some staying power –– perfect for your daughter.
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Cressida is a Greek girl’s name, meaning: “gold.” A moniker with a royal feel and old-world vibe that’s worth its weight in gold. If you’re one of those parents who want an elegant, refined name for your baby, then you can’t go wrong with this name.
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Elendra is an invented name that combines a boho nature vibe with elegance. We are sure this name will evoke the mysterious fairy bells every time you look at your little girl.
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Another invented girl’s name that sounds like an exotic elaboration of Elsa. This enchanting title and suggests adventure and imagination, as well as compassion and elegance.
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Fayra is an invented girl’s name that’s soft and sweet. This name that conjures up fairy vibes is perfect for a little girl and a refined adult woman.
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Finella is a Celtic Scottish name meaning: “fair.” A title rooted in mythology perfect for a Gaelic princess. Bonus: you can use Ella as a nickname. And one of the best things about it is that it’s unique, just like your precious little one.
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An Arabic name that means “care, protection.” Inaya is a pretty exotic and elegant name that a little princess would be proud to have as her own.
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Isadela is an invented girl’s name that is a combination of the names Isabelle and Adela. Similar to the ultra-popular but beautiful Isabella but with an enchanting fairytale ring.
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Jocasta is a name from Greek mythology, without any known meaning. This exotic and rarely used name makes its presence known, just like your daughter will.
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A Czech cognate of Katherine derived from Greek Hekaterine meaning “pure.” We love this name because it’s both familiar and exotic yet very uncommon, yet very classic. It sounds sweet and elegant, delicate, and yet very strong. 
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Larissa is a Greek name meaning: “citadel.” A melodic name with a ring of enchantment, suitable for a little princess. What girl hasn’t wished to be a princess at some point? It isn’t a very common name, so your daughter could have a unique name. 
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Navena is an invented girl’s name that is not so common, but the elegant moniker has a fluid, graceful sound that will appeal to people drawn to sweet names that flow.
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Odessa is a Greek name meaning: “wrathful.” This name’s probably the poshest out of all the names in this list. It’s so exotic and elegant, making it an excellent moniker for your little princess. We also love the nickname Dessa. 
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Quintessa is a Latin name meaning: “essence.” This regal-sounding name is sure to turn heads, and bonus, it can be shorted to Quinn or Tessa. Your little one will stand tall and proud with a moniker fit for royalty.
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Ravenna is an Italian city in the Province of Emilia-Romagna. This name is charming, if not enchanting; we think any that a little princess would be proud to wear it.
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Romina is a girl’s name of Arabic origin, meaning: “from the land of Christians.” Alternatively, in Italian, Romina could also mean “little Rome.” This name has a princess flair and the cutest nickname of Mina.
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Sondre is an Old Norse mythology name of unknown meaning. It’s a cool and edgy choice for your baby princess.
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Theodora is a Greek name meaning: “gift of God.” It was the name used by several empresses of the Byzantine Empire. Theodora is a beautiful, elegant name with understated grace and elegance that only a princess possesses. Don’t you just love the sound and the old world charm it has?
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Tindra is a Swedish name meaning: sparkle. If you’re looking for something super rare and cute in a baby name, you’ve found it! 
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This name sounds like it could have belonged to a Russian princess, but it’s actually a coinage of an Old English flower name. Zinovia is a creative, poetic, and almost even ethereal name that sounds strong and independent yet still kind.
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