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10 Popular “S” Names for Girls

“S” names for girls are among the most popular, but there are also many unique options. What’s great about the letter S is that it can substitute for Z in many common names, making a popular name rare and beautiful! S names are cool, sassy, and strong, so if you are on the hunt for an S name, you’re in luck because we have the 10 most popular girl names that begin with an S! From Sadie to Summer; these are some of the most popular S names for girls.

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1. Sadie

Origin: Hebrew 
Meaning: Princess


2. Sarah

Origin: Hebrew 
Meaning: Princess


3. Samantha

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Told by God


4. Savannah

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Treeless plain


5. Scarlett

Origin: English
Meaning: A seller of rich bright fabrics


6. Serenity

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Peaceful


7. Skylar

Origin: Dutch
Meaning: Scholar


8. Sophia

Origin: Greek 
Meaning: Wisdom


9. Stella

Origin: Latin 
Meaning: Star


10. Summer

Origin: English
Meaning: Word name


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