Brooklyn Meaning and Origin

The name Brooklyn is a unisex place name meaning “marshland” and is of English via Dutch origin. Brooklyn (BRUWK-lin) is an English name that is sometimes used to honor the city of Brooklyn, a New York City borough but most see it as just a combination of the names Brook/Brooke and Lynn. The Brooklyn place name is derived from the original Dutch colonial name Breuckelen, meaning “marshland” from Old High German bruoh “marshland”. The Dutch named it after the town of Breukelen, Netherlands. When the English gained control of the area in 1664, and the name “Breuckelen” was eventually anglicized. The name Brooklyn was #52 in popularity in 2019 for a girl. Brooklyn pairs well with the middle name Ruby. Similar names to consider are Brookelle, Kennedy, Blakelyn, Paisley, Harlow
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brooklyn name meaning
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