Raisa Meaning and Origin

The name Raisa is a girl’s name meaning “chief, rose” and is of Arabic or Yiddish origin. Pronounced: ru-EES-a. Feminine of Rais ‘leader, chief’ in Arabic. Also ‘rose’ in Yiddish. In Hebrew, Raisa is derived from the word “rais,” which means “rose.” Thus, Raisa can be interpreted as “rose” or “flower” in this context. It carries connotations of beauty, delicacy, and elegance. Raisa has roots in Arabic as well, where it is derived from the word “ra’isa,” meaning “chief” or “leader.” It is associated with qualities like authority, strength, and leadership. Raisa is also a popular name in Russia and other Slavic countries. It is derived from the word “raïs,” meaning “easy-going” or “carefree.” The name sounds sweet, and it’s not common, and when one looks deeper and learns the name’s meaning, it gets even better.

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