Aneira Meaning and Origin

The name Aneira is a girl’s name meaning “much snow” and is of Welsh origin. It is pronounced as “ah-NYE-rah” or “ah-NAY-rah”. The name Aneira has its roots in Welsh language and culture. In Welsh, the name means “golden” or “splendid”. It is derived from the Welsh words “aur” meaning “gold” and “eira” meaning “snow”. Aneira is also associated with the Welsh saint, Aneirin, who was a 6th-century Welsh bard and warrior. According to legend, Aneirin was the author of the epic poem, Y Gododdin, which tells the story of a group of warriors who fought against the Anglo-Saxons in the Battle of Catraeth. Aneira is light and beautiful, not to mention ancient and sophisticated. It’s the perfect name for a baby girl born or conceived in the winter. 

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