Zoa Meaning and Origin

Zoa is a name with several possible origins and meanings. In Greek Zoa is a girl’s name meaning “life.” Zoa is also a Hebrew name that means “life” or “living”, which would be a lovely nod to the new life you’re bringing into the world with the addition of your little one. In Japanese Zoa is a name that is derived from the word “zou,” which means “elephant.” Overall, the name Zoa has different meanings depending on its origin and context. Zoa is a name that exudes a sense of elegance and individuality. With its roots in mythology, it carries a touch of the mystical and a hint of the extraordinary. Its brevity and distinctive sound make it easy to remember while maintaining an air of intrigue. The name encapsulates strength and vitality, embodying the very essence of life itself. Zoa resonates with those who appreciate the beauty in the uncommon, and its multifaceted origins lend it an aura of cultural richness. Choosing the name Zoa for a child is like bestowing upon them a piece of ancient wonder and a contemporary flair, all in one.

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