Seviah Meaning and Origin

Seviah is a girl’s invented name. This name sounds très chic and very French.

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  1. Mary Popovich

    Seviah is definitely NOT a modern invented name and not French. I have 4 Seviahs in my family tree, born 1911, 1842, 1807 and 1768. It’s not a Bible name. It came over to New England with early settlers. The Seviah born in 1768 had English and Scottish ancestors.

    • All Things Baby Names

      Thank you for catching that. It’s a beautiful name to have in your family tree. While our researchers strive to provide accurate information on all the names on our site, unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to find any information on a name. In some cases, names without an etymology are assumed to be an anglicized version of another name or are created. Would you be able to provide us with a reference to the name’s origins? We would be happy to correct it.


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