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100 Invented Names For Girls That Are One Of A Kind

Classic and popular names, like Olivia and Liam, just aren’t cutting it for new parents; it seems this new wave of parents is crafting their own new made-up baby names to avoid the dreaded Ava B. and Charlotte E. issue. Every child is unique and deserves a unique girl name; an invented name will not only make a kid feel special but make them stand out with a modern twist. If you are looking for invented baby girl names that are one of a kind and follow the latest trend of made-up names, this post is for you.

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1. Aliera
Alternatives: Alora

2. Allura
Alternatives: Aurora

3. Anaveah
Alternatives: Vada

4. Anavieve
Alternatives:  Genevieve

5. Avelie
Alternatives: Avalon

6. Avenleigh
Alternatives: Adelheid

7. Azaya
Alternatives: Azalea

8. Becklynn
Alternatives: Bexley

9. Bellera
Alternatives: Ellera

10. Benzley
Alternatives: Bentley

11. Briarleigh
Alternatives: Kaisleigh

12. Briary
Alternatives: Barrie

13. Caleah
Alternatives: Kayla

14. Camaya
Alternatives: Camora

15. Camreigh
Alternatives: Camden

16. Cheylyn
Alternatives: Chandra

17. Covette
Alternatives: Cosette

18. Dalayna
Alternatives: Damaris

19. Daveigh
Alternatives: Davi

20. Daysia
Alternatives: Daisy

21. Dessie
Alternatives: Lucy

22. Dezlynn
Alternatives: Ezlyn

23. Ellesia
Alternatives: Alicia

24. Emberlyn
Alternatives: Amber

25. Emlina
Alternatives: Linda

26. Emmelise
Alternatives: Elizabeth

27. Emryn
Alternatives: Dawn

28. Everis
Alternatives: Tempest

29. Evermae
Alternatives: Everly

30. Faerynn
Alternatives: Farah

31. Fayetta
Alternatives: Colette

32. Fiola
Alternatives: Fiona

33. Gemree
Alternatives: Heidi

34. Graelyn
Alternatives: Gracelyn

35. Haelynn
Alternatives: Caden

36. Hallory
Alternatives: Mallory

37. Hattia
Alternatives: Hattie

38. Idaline
Alternatives: Adeline

39. Indora
Alternatives: Isadora

40. Isavieve
Alternatives: Isabelle

41. Jasie
Alternatives: Josie

42. Jaylee
Alternatives: Jolie

43. Jerrica
Alternatives: Erica

44. Jeska
Alternatives: Cesca

45. Jaina
Alternatives: Jada

46. Kambrie
Alternatives: Cambria

47. Kaydri
Alternatives: Audry

48. Keresa
Alternatives: Vanessa

49. Kirastella
Alternatives: Arabella

50. Lakelyn
Alternatives: Blakelyn

51. Lavanie
Alternatives: Lainey

52. Livenna
Alternatives: Viviana

53. Lowyn
Alternatives: Rowan

54. Luneve
Alternatives: Lucia

55. Maelia
Alternatives: Analia

56. Maevery
Alternatives: Avery

57. Makaia
Alternatives: Kaia

58. Makailyn
Alternatives: Makayla

59. Maxly
Alternatives: Maxine

60. Mayella
Alternatives: Gabriella

61. Mielle
Alternatives: Miley

62. Nadelle
Alternatives: Nadine

63. Narya
Alternatives: Nuria

64. Nevele
Alternatives: Neva

65. Noralai
Alternatives: Lorelei

66. Oaklyn
Alternatives: Oakley

67. Olivianna
Alternatives: Olivia

68. Paley
Alternatives: Hailey

69. Payslynn
Alternatives: Paisley

70. Quinnella
Alternatives: Prunella

71. Quinnlee
Alternatives: Quimby

72. Raelynn
Alternatives: Reagan

73. Reava
Alternatives: Nevaeh

74. Renleigh
Alternatives: Renley

75. Rhora
Alternatives: Thora

76. Rylian
Alternatives: Rylan

77. Samanda
Alternatives: Miranda

78. Saphine
Alternatives: Sabine

79. Shealee
Alternatives: Shay

80. Shayleigh
Alternatives: Shauna

81. Shenna
Alternatives: Shayna

82. Skylin
Alternatives: Skyler

83. Solea
Alternatives: Soleil

84. Tamarin
Alternatives: Tamara

85. Taylen
Alternatives: Kaylen

86. Tesslyn
Alternatives: Tessa

87. Teylie
Alternatives: Kylie

88. Thaia
Alternatives: Thea

89. Tirianna
Alternatives: Titania

90. Tylah
Alternatives: Twyla

91. Valynn
Alternatives: Valen

92. Viella
Alternatives: Vera

93. Vivielle
Alternatives: Brielle

94. Westlyn
Alternatives: Heaven

95. Wyla
Alternatives: Wendy

96. Xalia
Alternatives: Zalia

97. Xavienna
Alternatives: Xaveria

98. Xendalia
Alternatives: Lucinda

99. Zaylee
Alternatives: Jovie

100. Zyla
Alternatives: Kyla

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