Verena Meaning and Origin

Verena is a romantic yet strong name that is totally underused. It has an “old-lady cool” vibe that is just lovely. Verena is a girl’s name meaning “integrity” and is of Latin origin. The name Verena is derived from the Latin word “verus,” meaning “truth” or “genuine.” It is also associated with the Latin word “ver,” which means “spring” or “youthful.” Verena is a female given name that is predominantly used in German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However, it has also gained popularity in other parts of the world. Verena has historical significance in Christian traditions. Saint Verena, a third-century Coptic Christian saint, is revered as the patroness of the town of Zurzach in Switzerland. She is considered a protector of women and is associated with acts of charity and healing. 

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