Bina Meaning and Origin

The name Bina is a girl’s name meaning “understanding” and is of Yiddish or Hebrew origin. From Yiddish bin ‘bee’. Used as a translation of Hebrew Devorah, a name sharing the same meaning. The name is also associated as being from Hebrew bina ‘understanding’. Bina is mentioned in  the genealogy of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:37: = 1 Chronicles 9:43) and as one of one of the descendants of Saul ( 1 Chronicles 8:37 ; 7:43 ) (B.C. 850.). It is sometimes used as a short form of Albina. The name Bina is currently not in the US top 1,000 names. Bina pairs well with the middle name Elodie. Similar names to consider are Beata, Delfina, Dinah, Galina, Irina
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bina name meaning
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