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Arthur Meaning and Origin

Arthur is a boy’s name of Celtic origin meaning “bear.” The name Arthur is of Celtic origin and is believed to derive from the Welsh name “Artorius,” which itself may have roots in the Roman name “Artorius.” The exact meaning is not entirely clear, but it is often associated with strength, valor, and nobility. In Arthurian legend, King Arthur is a legendary figure known for his bravery and leadership. The name Arthur has ancient origins, dating back to the Celtic and Roman periods. It gained widespread popularity through the legendary tales of King Arthur, a central figure in British folklore and medieval literature. These stories became particularly popular during the Middle Ages, spreading across Europe and beyond. The popularity of the name Arthur has experienced fluctuations over the centuries. It was quite common in the Middle Ages and the early modern era. However, by the 19th and early 20th centuries, the name saw a decline in usage. In recent times, there has been a resurgence in interest for traditional and vintage names, including Arthur. This revival has contributed to the name’s popularity in various countries. Arthur is a name steeped in history and legend, evoking images of noble knights and chivalrous deeds. The name exudes strength, valor, and a sense of honor, making it a timeless and enduring choice for parents seeking a name with a rich heritage.

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