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Arto Meaning and Origin

Arto is a boy’s name meaning “bear; rock, Thor’s eagle” and is of Celtic origin. Arto is a male given name with Finnish and Estonian origins. In both languages, the name is derived from the Old Norse name “Arnþórr,” which is composed of two elements: “arn,” meaning “eagle,” and “þórr,” referring to the Norse god Thor. Therefore, the combined meaning of Arto is often interpreted as “eagle of Thor” or “Thor’s eagle.” As mentioned earlier, Arto originates from the Old Norse name “Arnþórr,” which was brought to Finland and Estonia during the Viking Age and has been used in the region ever since. The name has deep historical roots in Scandinavian and Norse cultures, further connecting it to its Viking heritage. The popularity of the name Arto has varied over time and between different regions. In Finland and Estonia, Arto has been a relatively common name, especially among older generations. Arto is a name that exudes strength and power, drawing from the majestic eagle, a creature known for its grace and dominance in the skies. The connection to the Norse god Thor adds an element of bravery and valor to the name, giving it a heroic quality.

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