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Arvin Meaning and Origin

Arvin is a boy’s name meaning “friend of the eagle, lover of water” and is of German and Persian origin. In Persian, Arvin is derived from “Arvīn”, which means “friend of the water” or “someone who loves water.” The term “āb” in Persian signifies water, and “vin” means “friend” or “lover.” Arvin can also be traced back to Germanic roots, where it is believed to be a combination of two elements: “ari” meaning “eagle” and “win” meaning “friend.” Therefore, Arvin in this context would signify “eagle friend” or “friend of the eagles.” Arvin is a relatively uncommon name but had gained some popularity in recent years. In the United States, for example, it ranked outside of the top 1000 names, making it a rare choice but not unheard of. Arvin is a name that exudes an air of uniqueness and strength. Its multiple origins give it a sense of cultural diversity and can appeal to parents seeking a name that carries both historical and contemporary significance.

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