Astraea Meaning and Origin

Astraea is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “of the stars, heavens”. The name is derived from the ancient Greek word “Astraios”, which means “star-maiden” or “starry night.” In Greek mythology, Astraea was the goddess of justice, innocence, and purity, often depicted carrying the scales of justice and associated with the constellation Virgo. The name Astraea has its roots in ancient Greek mythology and literature. Astraea was mentioned in the works of Hesiod and other poets of ancient Greece, where she symbolized the Golden Age of humanity, a time of peace and prosperity when humans lived in harmony with the gods. She was also identified with the constellation Virgo, which shares a connection with themes of purity and innocence. It is relatively rare and has not been as commonly used in modern times compared to more popular names. Astraea is a name that encapsulates celestial beauty and timeless elegance. With its roots in ancient Greek mythology, the name evokes a sense of divine connection and purity. 

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