Aylin Meaning and Origin

Aylin is a girl’s name of Persian, Turkish origin, meaning “moon halo; circle of crystal light around the moon.” Aylin is a popular Turkish name, primarily given to girls. In Turkish, “ay” means “moon,” and “lin” is a diminutive suffix used to indicate endearment. Therefore, Aylin can be translated as “little moon” or “moonlight.” Aylin can also be traced back to Germanic roots. It is derived from the combination of the elements “ay” (meaning “sword” or “sharp”) and “lin” (meaning “soft” or “tender”). Another possible origin of Aylin is from Gaelic, particularly Irish and Scottish cultures. In Gaelic, “ay” means “elf” or “fairy,” and “lin” can mean “pool” or “waterfall.” Therefore, Aylin can be interpreted as “elfin waterfall” or “fairy pool.”

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