Bara Meaning and Origin

The name Bara is a girl’s name of Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning “he created; innocent.” In Hebrew, “Bara” is a verb that means “he created” or “he has created.” It is derived from the Hebrew word “bara”, which is used in the Bible in the opening verse of the book of Genesis to describe God’s act of creation: “In the beginning, God created [bara] the heavens and the earth.” In Arabic, Bara is a unisex name that means “innocent” or “pure.” It can also be a variant of the Arabic name Baraa, which means “excellence” or “virtue.” Bara is also a diminutive form of the Polish name Barbara. Barbara is derived from the Greek word “barbaros,” meaning “foreign” or “strange.” It gained popularity as a Christian name after Saint Barbara, a martyr from the 3rd century. In Japanese, the name Bara is written in hiragana characters and can have several meanings. One common interpretation is “rose.” In Hindu mythology, Bara is the name of a legendary bird known as the “Bara-Bhate.” It is believed to be a giant bird with healing powers and is often associated with the god Vishnu.

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