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Caven Meaning and Origin

Caven is a boy’s name of Irish and Gaelic origin meaning “handsome.” The name Caven is derived from the Gaelic name “Caomhán,” which means “gentle” or “beautiful.” It is a traditional given name that carries an air of elegance and tenderness. The popularity of the name Caven has been relatively low throughout history. It has remained a rare and unique name, often passed down through generations within Irish families. Caven is a name with a touch of magic and mystery, evoking images of rolling green hills and mystical landscapes. It carries an old-world charm that stands out in a modern context. Famous People Named Caven: Caven O’Hara: A renowned Irish poet known for his captivating verses inspired by the landscapes of his homeland. Caven McLennan: An accomplished Irish actor who made a name for himself with his remarkable performances on both stage and screen. Liam Caven: A successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, dedicated to supporting various charitable causes in Ireland and beyond.

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