Hailey Meaning and Origin

Hailey is a girl’s name of English origin, meaning “dweller in the hay meadow.” Hailey is derived from the English surname “Hayley” or “Haley,” which itself comes from the Old English words “hēg” (meaning “hay”) and “lēah” (meaning “clearing” or “meadow”). Hailey is also considered a variant of the Irish surname “O’Hailigh,” which means “descendant of Hailigh.” Hailey gained significant popularity as a given name in the late 20th century and continues to be well-liked. It reached its peak in the United States in the early 2000s and has remained a popular choice for parents. The name Hailey can be spelled in various ways, including Hayley, Haley, Hailie, Hayleigh, and Hailee. Famous People Named Hailey: Hailey Baldwin Bieber: An American model and television personality who gained fame for her modeling work and high-profile relationships. Hailey Clauson: An American fashion model who has appeared in major magazines and walked the runway for top designers.

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