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Iago Meaning and Origin

The name Iago is a boy’s name meaning “supplanter” and is of Welsh origin. The name “Iago” has a long history, appearing in various forms and languages. In Wales, it is often used as a traditional Welsh name, and it’s the Welsh equivalent of the English name “James.” Alternatively, the name “Iago” is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, derived from the Latin name “Iacobus,” which itself is a variant of “Jacob.” In English, it is often pronounced as “ee-AH-go.” The name’s meaning is commonly interpreted as “supplanter” or “one who follows,” referring to the biblical story of Jacob, who was born holding his twin brother Esau’s heel and later supplanted him to inherit his birthright. The name Iago has historical ties to Spain and Portugal, where it has been used for centuries. It gained further prominence through its appearance in the works of William Shakespeare, particularly in the tragedy “Othello.” The character Iago in the play is a central figure known for his manipulative and deceitful nature. The popularity of the name Iago has varied over time and across different regions. It has remained relatively popular in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, with occasional fluctuations. In English-speaking countries, its usage is rarer and often associated with literary or cultural references. Iago is a name that carries a sense of historical and literary weight. It possesses a certain timeless charm due to its classical origins and connection to important literary works. The name’s simplicity adds to its appeal, making it both memorable and distinctive. Famous People: Iago Aspas: A Spanish professional footballer known for his skill as a forward. He has played for clubs like Celta Vigo and the Spanish national team. Iago Falqué: An Italian-Spanish footballer who has played in midfield for clubs like Roma and Torino.

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