Leander Meaning and Origin

The name Leander is a boy’s name meaning “lion man” and is of Latin origin. The name Leander is a form of the Greek name Leandros, words “leōn” (lion) and “anēr” (man). In Greek mythology, Leander was the name of a young man who fell in love with Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite. The two lovers lived on opposite sides of the Hellespont, a narrow strait of water that separates Europe and Asia. Leander would swim across the strait every night to be with Hero, guided by a lamp she lit for him. However, one stormy night, the lamp blew out and Leander drowned. Hero, upon discovering his body, threw herself into the sea in despair. The story of Leander and Hero has been the subject of many literary and artistic works throughout history, and the name “Leander” has been used in various cultures as a given name for boys.

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