Itzel Meaning and Origin

Itzel is a girl’s name of Spanish, Mayan origin, meaning “rainbow, dew.” The name Itzel is predominantly used among the Maya-speaking people of Central America. In the Mayan language, it is derived from the word “itz” which means “dew” or “rain,” and the suffix “el” which can be interpreted as a feminine ending, making the name’s meaning often associated with concepts of nature, water, and freshness. Itzel can be interpreted to signify a connection with the natural world and its life-giving elements. Itzel originates from ancient Mayan culture and has gained popularity beyond its cultural roots. The name has become relatively popular in Mexico and the United States, often among families with Mexican heritage. Itzel’s popularity has grown in recent years, but it still maintains a sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness. Itzel is a name that carries the essence of nature’s purity and beauty. With its Mayan origins, it holds a connection to ancient civilizations and their reverence for the environment. The name is imbued with a sense of tranquility and elegance, evoking images of early morning dewdrops glistening on leaves and petals. It’s a name that echoes the rhythm of rainfall and the serenity of nature’s cycles. Famous People Named Itzel: Itzel Manjarrez: A Mexican taekwondo athlete who won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Itzel García: A Mexican actress known for her roles in various telenovelas and television series.

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