Jessen Meaning and Origin

Jessen is a boy’s name of Danish origin meaning “son of Jes.” The name “Jessen” is of Scandinavian and German origin. It is primarily a surname that has transitioned into being used as a first name. The meaning of the name Jessen is believed to be derived from the Old Norse name “Jésn,” which means “son of Jesus” or “son of Jesse.” Jesse, in turn, is a biblical name from the Old Testament, associated with the father of King David. The name Jessen has roots in both Scandinavian and German cultures. In Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Norway, Jessen is often used as a last name. In Germany, it’s also a surname but has been adopted as a given name over time. The name reflects a mix of biblical and historical influences. As a given name, it is relatively uncommon and might not be ranked highly on popular baby names lists. Jessen is a name that carries a sense of historical and biblical significance. With its roots in both Scandinavian and German cultures, the name Jessen exudes a blend of traditional charm and understated uniqueness.

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