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Kemp Meaning and Origin

The name Kemp is a boy’s name meaning “athlete” and is of English origin. In English, “Kemp” is a surname of Old English origin. It is derived from the Middle English word “kemp” or “kempe,” which means a champion, warrior, or athlete. The name was often given to individuals who were skilled in combat or known for their physical prowess. “Kemp” is also a surname of Dutch and German origin. In Dutch, it is derived from the word “kamp” or “kempe,” meaning a field or a large open space. In German, “Kemp” can be a shortened form of the given name “Kemper,” which means a warrior or champion. In some cases, “Kemp” may be a locational surname derived from a place name. For example, there are places named Kemp in various countries, including England, Belgium, and Germany. In such cases, the surname would indicate that the family originated from or had associations with the specific place.

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