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Petula Meaning and Origin

Petula is a girl’s name of Latin and English origin, meaning: “to ask or flower.” The name Petula is derived from the word “petulus,” which means “seeking” or “eager.” It carries a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire for exploration. The name’s Latin roots imbue it with a timeless and classic feel, making it a choice that resonates across cultures and generations. Petula is a name that encapsulates a spirit of boundless curiosity and a zest for life. Just like its etymological meaning, individuals named Petula often possess an innate sense of wonder and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The name Petula is a unique gem, standing out in a sea of more common names. Famous People: Petula Clark: A British singer and actress, Petula Clark gained international fame in the 1960s with hits like “Downtown” and “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.” Petula Sally Olwen Clark, Baroness Clark of Calton: A Scottish lawyer and judge, Petula Clark was the first woman to hold the position of the Solicitor General for Scotland.

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