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Piera Meaning and Origin

The name Piera is a girl’s name meaning stone and is of Italian origin. In Italian, it is considered a variation of the name Pietra, which itself is a feminine form of the male given name Pietro (Peter).The name Piera is derived from the Italian word “pietra,” which means “stone” or “rock.” In Catalan, it is also associated with the Catalan word “pedra,” which has the same meaning. Piera has Italian and Catalan origins. Piera is not as common as some other names, and its usage may vary depending on the cultural context. It is more commonly found in Italy and areas influenced by Italian or Catalan culture. While Piera is the most common spelling of the name, there can be slight variations in different regions or cultural contexts. Some variations may include Pierra, Pierra, or even the Italian form Pietra.

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