Roxy Meaning and Origin

The name Roxy is a girl’s name meaning “dawn” and is of Persian origin. The name Roxy is often considered a diminutive or nickname for the name Roxanne or Roxana. The original Persian name, “Roshanak,” means “dawn” or “bright star.” Over time, it evolved into various forms and variations in different cultures. Roxy is a modern and catchy version of this name. Roxy is a name that carries a sense of energy and spunk. The name Roxy has a playful yet strong quality that can easily capture attention. Roxy is a name that has gained popularity in recent years due to its fresh and contemporary sound. While it may not be as common as some classic names, it has managed to stand out in a sea of traditional choices. Famous People: Roxy Music: A British rock band formed in the early 1970s, known for their eclectic sound and innovative style. Roxy Shahidi: A British actress, best known for her role as Leyla Harding in the long-running television series “Emmerdale.” Roxy Jacenko: An Australian entrepreneur, author, and public relations guru. 

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