Samael Meaning and Origin

The name Samael is a boy’s name meaning “venom or poison of God” and is of Hebrew origin. The name Samael has intriguing origins deeply rooted in various cultures and belief systems. In Hebrew tradition, Samael is often depicted as an archangel or angel of death, associated with severity, judgment, and temptation. The name itself is thought to be derived from the Hebrew words “sam” (poison) and “el” (God), creating a complex juxtaposition of meanings that reflect both his dark and divine aspects. Samael’s multifaceted nature has made the name a captivating subject of exploration across religious and mythological contexts. Samael, a name imbued with mystery and depth, carries an enigmatic aura that draws attention and intrigue. The name Samael is relatively rare and has not been widely popularized in contemporary times. 

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