Solomon Name Meaning and Origin

Solomon is of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew name Shelomoh, meaning “peace.” In the Bible, Solomon was the wise and wealthy king of Israel and the son of King David and Bathsheba. He is renowned for his wisdom, as well as for building the first Temple in Jerusalem. Solomon has a long history of usage and remains a popular name. In recent years, it has seen a steady increase in popularity. Solomon exudes a sense of wisdom, strength, and peace. It’s a name with a rich biblical heritage and a timeless appeal. Famous People Named Solomon: Solomon Northup – An African-American man who was born free but kidnapped and sold into slavery. His memoir, “Twelve Years a Slave,” recounts his harrowing experience and became the basis for the Academy Award-winning film. Solomon Burke – A pioneering American soul singer and songwriter known for hits such as “Cry to Me” and “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.”

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